Manifesto for Education

We believe that in education, the system is broken,
that teachers have become classroom enforcers, rather than learning mentors & coaches,
that learning is measured by regurgitation, instead of understanding
and that learning gaps early on, compound negatively on students futures.

We believe in empowering, our time-poor, stressed out
teachers to become entrepreneurs of the classroom
in enabling their success, through technology,
as ever-present, yet invisible as air.

We believe in equipping every student,
with ownership and self direction over their learning,
to create a future where every child,
can become a global & social change maker.

We believe in a future school that has no walls, no grades
and where assessments are an extension of learning.
In breaking down the rigid boundaries between school and the real world,
so that the community is integrated in educating their future successors.

Where schools are a safe place to fail,
incubators of social impact
and solely focussed on the education of our young generation.

Most importantly,

we believe we’re not alone, that there are others,
others who share this vision for a better education
So here’s to the crazy ones,
the teachers, students, principals
who dare to dream of a better future.

Let’s change the world, one classroom at a time.

We’re myEd, a small Australian team of passionate people focused on helping make a difference in education. Share our vision for education? Let us know @myedapp or say [email protected]


Sebastian Kade, Founder of Sumry and Author of Living Happiness, is a software designer and full-stack engineer. He writes thought-provoking articles every now and then on

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