We are all just dots you and I. Tiny dots stuck spinning away on a gigantic rock. 

We’re not stupid, we know what’s beyond the rock, we just can’t get off it.

So we spend our entire dotlifes keeping ourselves busy. We invent dotmoney to run our dotconomies, all so that we have a way of incentivizing and structuring our dotcolonies. 

We draw imaginary lines on the ground and play dotcountries. It’s a wonderful game, where we pretend that the invisible lines actually mean something. Unfortunately like every dotstory we go too far. We start dotwars over greed and power, disguised as righteous ideas, but regardless, many dotlives are lost.

Luckily we have dotmoney to keep us happy. There is an instant gratification that one dot get when spending it’s dotmoney. Unfortunately, it fades quickly. So we continuously spend our dotmoney on things we don’t really want, only to impress our dotfriends that we don’t really like.

Sometimes we forget that we’re just little dots. That our dotmoney and dotjobs are just things we invented to keep ourselves occupied. We get so stressed out over our imaginary dotproblems, that they start to affect our dotbodies in real and tangible ways. 

All this because we haven’t yet learnt to control our little dotbrains. So fickle and flighty our minds are, letting our thoughts stray far and wide, wreaking havoc on our dotlives. 

Sometimes we forget that we are just dots, on a big rock, spinning.


Sebastian Kade, Founder of Sumry and Author of Living Happiness, is a software designer and full-stack engineer. He writes thought-provoking articles every now and then on

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