Is It Time We Worked Different?

It’s time we surrendered to the truth. Time we put away our brave faces and owned up to the reality of it all. The reality being, that very few of us are happy at work.

In this modern day of possibility and opportunity, the word ‘work’ still has the same entrapped connotations as it did in the slave trade. Although we’re fortunate enough to live in societies of freedom and democracy, we choose to work in corporations of structure, rigidity, hierarchy and greed.

There is a time in our careers when we see this clearly and truthfully. That is when we first enter the ‘workforce’. We come in with fresh eyes, ready for the unlimited opportunity that had been fed to us since early school days, but as we enter all we really see is politics, power and ego. At first it seems so strange & wrong, but surely soon enough we forget about our ‘naive ideals’.

We quickly learn that to climb the ladder fastest means to develop a socially accepted form of split personality, an alter ego that we pick up from the dry cleaner on monday and drop off on friday. We bring one fifth of who we are to work, leaving the rest at home because it’s not professional enough.

So we work our nine to five, to afford a lifestyle that we only get to live on weekends. Working with people that we don’t really like, on things that we don’t really care about, to earn money & buy things that we don’t really have the time for. There must be a better way.

Many company leaders are saying “no” to this vicious cycle. The movement is growing. People all across the world are rejecting this outdated, corporate vision for work and are choosing to do things differently.

We’re not talking about superficial silicon-valley-inspired perks like ping pong tables, free lunch and playstations at work. We’re talking about real change. The kind of change that affects the very core of how companies operate.

What does this change look like? Well simply put, it looks like happy people. Happy people working on making a real impact on real problems. People who work in environments that enable them to outgrow themselves and into their full potential. Teams who are given the autonomy and trust to make the right decisions for the company and its customers, without the politics and hierarchy.

When we let go of our social norms and build companies around what makes sense in today’s environment amazing things happen. You get teams working effectively on different sides of the world, enabled not only by technology, but by transparent & honest team cultures.

When companies are driven by impact; not greed, and cultures built on trust; not politics, you get teams of happy, fulfilled people working in a company that they love. This is what WorkDifferent is about.

WorkDifferent is taking a stand to the modern day grind. It’s saying no to ego driven politics and hierarchies, to bum-in-seat mentality and unnecessary corporate traditions. We want to work in companies that are driven by purpose and impact, where each and every team member is continually growing and supported in doing so. We want companies made of people, not cogs, where our value is not measured by our title, but by our passion and contribution.

Most importantly, WorkDifferent is not your’s or mine, it doesn’t belong to one person or company. In fact, WorkDifferent is nothing more than a simple idea. An idea that it is possible to love our jobs and that work can be a place of meaning, purpose and happiness.


Sebastian Kade, Founder of Sumry and Author of Living Happiness, is a software designer and full-stack engineer. He writes thought-provoking articles every now and then on

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