Confession – Tolstoy

Tolstoy perfectly captures the metaphysical anguish of the human condition down to the letter. He writes it in a way that does not dictate or demand, but takes the reader on his journey from disenfranchised youth, through an existential journey to where he finally rests in Tolstoyan Christianity. For secular readers, Tolstoy shares the anguish that many people of Faith have when battling between logic and faith.

This is probably the most complete non-fiction existential read there is, and thus would be a decent place to start an existential reading journey. It takes a holistic journey, including throwbacks to Ancient Greek Philosophy, Eastern Spirituality and of course Christianity; then tying them up into an ending that leaves you close to where you started: without a concrete answer.

Quote me on it:

"The quintessential existential journey"


  • Both bleak and uplifting
  • Captures the metaphysical anguish of the human condition
  • A logical exploration of faith (as far as can go)

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