Wuthering Heights – E. Bronte

A never ending nightmare that reminds us of the cyclic nature of suffering in the world. Emily Bronte writes a book that has absolutely no lovable characters, yet is somehow a truly lovable read. While Emily doesn't have quite the same skill with the pen as her sister (Charlotte Bronte), her lack of mastery is compensated with a feverish imagination that captures the reader.

In essence, Wuthering Heights explores the destruction that comes from blind, passionate love. The antagonist, Heathcliff, starts off as a well-intentioned human, however his abusive childhood grows the seed of revenge in his heart. When sprouted, he becomes a tyrant just like his former abuser. The passionate obsession with his childhood lover, drives him to destroy the lives of all those around him, including his own.

Quote me on it:

“A timeless lesson on how not to love”


  • A nightmarish book with devilish characters & no hero
  • Great depiction of the cause and effect of abuse
  • Destruction of greedy love
  • How to write a great novel with no likeable characters

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