Journey To The East – Hesse

This is an extremely beautiful short story by the master Hesse. In his usual magnificent proce, he aims to tell the untellable story.

Partly an analogy of wisdom (untellable knowledge), this is a superb book that nods it's head slightly to Kafka.


  • "'Words do not express thoughts very well; everything immediately becomes a little different, a little distorted, a little foolish. And yet it also pleases me and seems right that what is of value and wisdom to one man seems nonsense to another.'"
  • "For our goal was not only the East, or rather the East was not only a country and something geographical, but it was the home and youth of the soul, it was everywhere and nowhere, it was the union of all times."
  • "And as we League brothers traveled throughout the world without motor-cars or ships, as we conquered the war-shattered world by our faith and transformed it into Paradise, we creatively brought the past, the future and the fictitious into the present moment."
  • "Yet we had within us something stronger than reality or probability, and that was faith in the meaning and necessity of our action."
  • "And as far as it is now still possible, I will be mindful of the first principle of our great period, never to rely on and let myself be disconcerted by reason, always to know that faith is stronger than so-called reality."
  • "His suffering became too great, and you know that as soon as suffering becomes acute enough, one goes forward."
  • "despair is the result of each earnest attempt to understand and vindicate human life. Despair is the result of each earnest attempt to go through life with virtue, justice and understanding and to fulfil their requirements."
  • "Children live on one side of despair, the awakened on the other side."
  • "No, it remained silent within me, I could not repeat the rules, I had forgotten the wording. I had forgotten the rules; for many years I had not repeated them, for many years I had not observed them and held them sacred -- and yet I had considered myself a loyal League brother."
  • "How mockingly and unattainably did the face of truth hide itself behind all these reports."


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