Why I Do What I Do

When people ask about my trip I don't really dive into the specifics about why I'm doing what I'm doing. It's a long conversation that I often feel people aren't looking to go that deep into.

"Woah man! I just asked about your trip, not your entire life philosophy."

But after watching this short video that my sister sent me about free-climber Alex Honnald talking about his life purpose of life, I felt like getting my thoughts down.

What I'm NOT doing

Starting here because in the Japanese sense of Ma (negative space), what you are is defined by what you are not.

  • I'm not sightseeing (or if I am, in small amounts)
  • I'm not working (or if I do, in small amounts)
  • I'm not "holidaying" (this word has become nonsensical)
  • I'm not "travelling" in the typical sense.

What I am doing

  • I'm on my second mini-retirement.
  • I'm "travelling" the world for 10 months
  • I'm reading, thinking, and writing a sh💩t-tonne.
  • I'm exploring the mundanities of life elsewhere on the planet.

Why I'm doing it

Ok here it goes, the essence of who I am reduced down to 7 bullet points:

  • The purpose of life is happiness.
  • Through appreciation of the present you find happiness.
  • I'm all about awareness, being present, and happiness (that's my jam 🍓)
  • You don't have to be "doing" things to do this, in fact, the ultimate appreciation is done in idleness.
  • So I want to do more nothing; I want to perfect the art of idleness.
  • Hence, I'm exploring the world, appreciating the little things, gaining knowledge about life/culture/society/humans and enjoying every moment of it.
  • Oh, and obviously eating a whole bunch of good food along the way.

In essence

Since I've been so overly verbose in this post, I thought I should reduce it all down even further to a single quote:

This next year is an appreciation of life; a focused pursuit of wisdom; a year of relentlessly chasing boredom.


Sebastian Kade, Founder of Sumry and Author of Living Happiness, is a software designer and full-stack engineer. He writes thought-provoking articles every now and then on sebastiankade.com

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