How Earning 100K At University Changed My Life

I’m extremely fortunate to be one of the minority that have been freed from the illusion that money is going to make me happy.

Let me elaborate by going back to when I was younger.

During university, I joined a company as part of my degree where I was fortunate enough that the CEO was someone who had an eye for potential. He saw potential in me and long story short enabled an accelerated career path for me.

I had money. I rented a one bedroom apartment in the city. I bought nice clothes. I bought nice shoes. I bought a new car. I travelled around the world, drinking nice wines and eating nice food. You get the picture…

To friends, family and society I was a success. However, most importantly I was unhappy, unfulfilled & unsatisfied with life.

Fortunately, I was able to see that going further down this route of material conquest would bring me no happiness. That simply making money to afford a lifestyle was not what I wanted out of life.

People say that it’s not the money that brings happiness; that it is the lifestyle that it affords. While there’s truth in this statement, you end up working 90% of your life, affording the 10%.

I filled up entire moleskins with questions to myself trying to understand what was lacking. I didn’t know the answer but I knew I wasn’t living it.

So without knowing what the answer was, I made the decision there and then, that this wasn’t the life I wanted. That money was not going to make me happy and that (especially while I was young) it was better to fail, exploring down many wrong paths, than to stay on the comfortable one whose destination I knew.

So with nothing lined up and to the protests of my family, I quit my job, leaving the stability and comfort of a steady income, in search for a lifestyle that provided a balance of financial stability and meaningful impact.

In a life that passes in the blink of an eye, I would rather spend it learning & searching, then waiting for the weekend.


Sebastian Kade, Founder of Sumry and Author of Living Happiness, is a software designer and full-stack engineer. He writes thought-provoking articles every now and then on

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