Jane Eyre – C. Bronte

What secular people lack without a Bible are moral figures to guide them through life. Jane Eyre is exactly that.

Charlotte Bronte is most definitely the strongest technical writer out of the female classic novelists. She masters the English language to the extent that reading her words is as fluid as thinking. With it, she creates Jane Eyre, a character who although describing herself as bland, unflattering and insipid, is the embodiment of all amiable moral qualities; a heroine in the fullest sense.

Most importantly, Bronte reminds us of the balance between morality and reality. Jane Eyre walks the line between Christian and Stoic, and for this we should all read and remember her.

Quote me on it:

"A moral compass that lives on after reading"


  • Jane Eyre is a moral compass for all
  • The balance between morality and reality
  • The most philosophical of the female romance classics
  • Bronte is the best female victorian novelist

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