Letters from a Stoic

Letters from a Stoic, is the kind of book you can flip open to a random page, throw your finger down without aim, and still land upon a maxim that you can live your life by. Like this one:

"Am I to pile up [fortune] in total forgetfulness of the frailty of human existence? See, this day's my last - or maybe it isn't, but it's not so far away."

Reading Seneca takes you back to the roots of Ancient Philosophy; back before it became dried out by academics, it was simply the art of living.

Seneca is so accessible and relevant to our modern age that he should probably be taught in primary school. He illuminates with his stoic torch everything from life, thinking, reading, friends to business. His lessons are so simple that many overlook them as 'nothing new'. The key to stoicism is not in comprehension but in enactment; anyone can understand the stoic principles, only a few will persevere to live them daily.

Quote me on it:

"A bedside table isn't complete without it."


  • Shockingly accessible and relevant
  • Seneca sheds his stoic light on every aspect of life
  • Can be repetitive, only because the principles are simple and widely applicable
  • Contains more pithy maxims than the whole Twitter database

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