The Trial – Kafka

Anyone who is familiar with great Art will understand how important suggestibility is. As the consumer of art, we want to be given enough to point us in the right direction, but not everything so that there still remains some wonder to it. Kafka is the king of abstract suggestiveness.

The Trial is Kafka's attempt to portray the blazing feeling of judgment that plagues many of us at some point in life. He abstracts it further, by making the thing that is judging us, incapable of our comprehension; being judged by people and rules, that what we ourselves cannot judge.

The Trial will frustrate you, it will confuse you, it may even disappoint you. However, over time, it will stick in your mind as the absolute perfect personification of inescapable judgement.

Quote me on it:

"the absolute personification of inescapable judgement"


  • Captures the essence of being unfairly judged
  • May frustrate you at first, but you'll love it in time
  • Kafka is your incomprehensible dream world in fiction form

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