Traffic – Ruskin

If there was a smarter man on earth, he didn't write books.

Ruskin was not only a genius, but an extremely articulate one; his writing is some of the best out there, both in content and quality.

Ruskin is one of those people who when asked how his breakfast was, could give an answer that captured not only his breakfast, but how breakfast on the whole, reflects upon the human condition; more so how the sustainability of breakfast from a socio-economical point of view, is critical to the humble human heart.

Traffic will both challenge your mind and captivate your heart. A copy belongs on everyone's bookshelf.

Quote me on it:

"The aim is not to have a just society, but a moral one"


  • Religion & ethics viewed through the lens of architecture
  • One of the brightest minds to ever write
  • Humorous and enlightening

Other good reads that humble next to this one:

  • Walden - Thoreau
  • The Lamp of Memory - Ruskin


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