A Notion That Changed My life

I love Notion. It's my favourite product at the moment, and that is saying a lot because I'm not really into products that much anymore.

What is Notion

Notion is a notepad for your life. They mainly target small teams who want to organise themselves, but it is also a perfect tool for anyone who wants to stay organised.

Why I love Notion

1. It goes across all your devices

Notion is built to be a browser app but they have also created specific apps for iOS and MacOS that take advantage of device features.

2. The design is simple

Notion design is exactly what I would design a note taking / tasks app to look like. The typography is really good with solid weighting and hierarchy making it perfect for long-form writing.

3. It's powerful and flexible

This means you can use it as just a note taking app, or if you want you can use it to manage complex workflows and collaborate with teammates.

You can nest Notion pages to create a hierarchy that suits you. Here's mine:

4. Notion keeps it simple

One thing where so many note taking apps go wrong in my opinion is that they try to be too much. Notion has walked this fine line very carefully. While it's super powerful, it's still extremely simple and focused.

5. Keyboard shortcuts

Notion has thought about people who love keyboard shortcuts. Using Notion feels pretty close to how using my code editor feels, which make its so quick to jump between them. Unfortunately you can't currently edit the shortcut keys.

6. Kick-ass team and support

Lillie is the one who handles most of my support rants (which there are a lot of) and she is great. Despite having created dozens of tickets, they always respond quickly. They are responsive to fixing issues that come up and I feel like they really take customer feedback onboard to shape the roadmap.

Who Notion is NOT for

Despite being awesome, Notion isn't for everyone. If these sound like you then it's probably not for you:

  • You hate web apps that pretend to be native apps.
  • You want to be able to customise how your note taking / productivity tool looks
  • You write mostly on your mobile (it's not that great for mobile writing)
  • You want a completely free tool
  • Your name is Brian

How I use notion

I use notion for two purposes: writing and life organisation.


  • I write all of my article, notes, journal, thoughts in Notion.
  • It all quickly exports to markdown (when you copy anything), so I can throw it into WordPress really easily.
  • When you upload photos to Notion the links are public, so I don't have to upload them to my WordPress (future me will pay the price for this if I ever leave Notion).
  • I nest my notes and journal by month, with custom buttons for quickly creating a new note or journal page.


  • I have a one page (To do) where I manage all the stuff I need to get done.
  • I have secondary lists on this page for Shopping, Writing, Movies, etc.
  • I also manage my reading list on notion, and make it public for friends 🙂

It's not free.

This is the kicker. While they have a "free plan" it's limited to 500 blocks which you very quickly use up. So unless you just want to have a single "To do" list, you can't really use Notion for free.

As of writing this its currently priced at $8 USD per month, but I know they are looking at cheaper yearly plans for people individuals who just want to use it for personal use.

Get it

Give it a try here.



Sebastian Kade, Founder of Sumry and Author of Living Happiness, is a software designer and full-stack engineer. He writes thought-provoking articles every now and then on sebastiankade.com

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