A Year of Adventure

This year is going to be an amazing year of adventure for me. I'm taking my second mini-retirement and heading off for a year (or there abouts) of travel ✈️

I'm both excited and scared shitless. If you've ever travelled for an extended period of time, you know the difficulties that come with long-term travel. That difficulty is what excites me most.

Growth only comes from discomfort. If you're comfortable, you're not growing.

Friends and family have been asking where I'm spending my time, and so I thought I should write up a quick post on where I'm thinking of spending my time in 2018.

With this all being said, my itinerary is far from set in stone, so if you have any suggestions on places to visit, I'd love to hear them.

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Part 1 - Asia

Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

  • I loved HCM when I visited back at the end of 2015
  • Didn't feel like I got to see enough of it
  • I loooove Vietnamese food
  • Dates : 24th Feb - 6th March (10 days)

Unknown – Vietnam

  • I've left a bit of time to explore other parts of Vietnam
  • nowhere planned yet, shout out if you have some suggestions
  • Dates: 6th March - 15th March (9 days)

Siem Reap – Cambodia

  • The idea of exploring jungle ruins and temples excites me to no end
  • Looking forward to try out some Cambodian food as well
  • Angkor Wat and other less well-known temple/ruins.
  • Dates: 15th March - 22nd March (a week)

Bangkok – Thailand

  • this is mainly a stopover for the flight to Bhutan
  • Looking forward to some amazing street food while I'm here
  • Dates: 22nd March - 26th March (4 days)


  • despite the numerous difficulties I had organising this, I'm so excited to visit Bhutan
  • quiet, untouched Buddhist country known for their focus on Gross Domestic Happiness
  • it's pretty expensive to get into this country, "visas" cost $250 per day, but that is really an all-inclusive tour
  • Dates: 26th March - 3rd April (a week)

Tokyo - Japan

  • yeah, I'm going back to Japan for 3 months again ☺️
  • Spending six weeks absorbing more of that Tokyo Life
  • If you did the math, that's 49 bowls of Ramen
  • Dates: 3rd April – 22nd May (6 weeks)

Unknown – Japan

  • I'm thinking of heading over to Tottori and checking out the beautiful scenery
  • Maybe go north to Hokkaido
  • Somewhere quiet in the mountains sounds good
  • Hit me up if you have any suggestions!
  • Dates: 22nd May - 1st July (6 weeks)

Part 2 – Europe


  • going to go visit my dad in Poland
  • probably do some road-tripping around the nearby eastern European countries
  • mountain-bike race each other through some beautiful forests
  • Dates: Late July

Copenhagen – Denmark

  • This place has eluded me for far too long
  • I want to get an understanding of what a well-planned city feels like
  • Ride bicycles around for days 🚲
  • Dates: Mid August


  • thinking about hiring a van and driving down the south coast of Italy
  • pasta, pasta, pasta 🍝
  • Dates: September-ish

Unknown – Europe

  • I'll have a bit more time in Europe, not sure where I'll be yet
  • Let me know if you have some suggestions 🙂

Part 3 – Americas

Portland - USA

  • I often crave a return visit to Portland
  • visit my good friends in Portland
  • hopefully, it's rainy season by then so the forests will be beautiful
  • Dates: October-ish

Yosemite National Park – USA

  • this is one place I missed last time when I was on the west coast
  • would love to check it out
  • Dates: November-ish


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